Elementor Theme Style: Avoid These Two Potential Pitfalls!

How To Use Elementor Theme Style The RIGHT Way

Part of my workflow for building any WordPress site with Elementor is to set all the site’s global brand styles right at the start of a project. Elementor’s Theme Style makes setting global brand styles easier than ever.

But – if you use a more fully-featured WordPress theme, like GeneratePress or Astra or The Page Builder Framework or Blocksy or loads of others – you CAN end up falling foul of two potential problems that you might not even realise, if you don’t account for it in your workflow. They’re easy to avoid, and in this video I’ll show you.

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Can Elementor Popups Replace Other Lead Capture & Popup Tools?

Can the new Elementor Popups Replace Other Lead Capture & Popup Tools?

Over the last couple of years, Elementor has introduced loads of amazing features for marketers, gradually replacing the need for all kinds of other separate tools or services.

We’re talking landing page builders, opt-in forms, evergreen timers, URL parameters for personalisation, and loads more.

So… can the new native popups feature in Elementor Pro also replace all the other lead capture and popup tools out there? Do you now even need any separate tools at all? Is it really the game-changer it might appear to be?

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[PART 2 Elementor Landing Page] Enhance The Page With Cool Elementor Design Tricks

How to Create a High Converting Opt-In Landing Page with Elementor: Part 2

In Part 1 of ‘How to Create a High Converting Opt-In Landing Page with Elementor‘ I showed you how to build the basic opt-in page (catch up with that here). That super-conversion optimised page, as it stands, will likely attract a great many new leads.

But let’s take the opportunity here to give the design a more finished and polished look. In Part 2, I show you some cool, more advanced Elementor tricks you can use to elevate your landing pages to the next level.

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[SERIES] How to Create a High Converting Opt-In Landing Page with Elementor

How to Create a High Converting Opt-In Landing Page with Elementor

One of my very first tutorial videos—from early 2017—is also one of my most popular.

It was how to build an opt-in landing page with Elementor. So far, 65,000 people have watched it. Kerrrrazy!

Problem is—it’s way outdated now.

Elementor’s come a long way since then.

But it also misses out a ton of super-important stuff, like how to make all the tech work together…. and how to make the page actually work for your business.

So I’ve pulled out all the stops, remade it and brought it bang up to date.

And it’s not 1 video anymore—it’s now a 4 part series.

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How to A/B Split Test Landing Pages with Elementor

How to A/B split test landing pages with Elementor

If you’re building sales funnels and landing pages in WordPress, for yourself or your clients, Elementor is a bit of a dream come true.

Super easy to create conversion-focused landing pages, drag-n-drop, directly there in WordPress.

Course if you’re serious about the performance of your landing pages and want to squeeze the most conversions possible – which you do – then you need to be split testing those landing pages….

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Help! I Can’t Access My Local WordPress Sites Anymore!

Help! I Can't Access My Local WordPress Sites Anymore!

If you develop your WordPress sites locally on your own computer, like I do, then you might recently have run into a big problem.

Suddenly, you’re no longer able to access your usual local website URLs! Instead, you get a privacy error page in your browser, saying that your connection isn’t secure.

But the odd thing is: the local site you’re trying to access wasn’t SSL anyway… and it seems like your browser is trying to force the local URL to be HTTPS….

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