How to Easily Create Opt-In Landing Pages in WordPress: No Developer or Paid Subscription Service

How to create opt-in landing pages in WordPress

Landing pages are uniquely designed pages with the sole purpose of converting visitors. They’re used for things like lead generation, event registrations, email sign-ups and sales funnels.

As a designer, you’re more than capable of designing pages like these yourself.

But to build them and make them live quickly…

That either takes a web developer or a paid monthly subscription service. Right?

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Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes Like Divi are NOT the Answer

Why multi-purpose WordPress themes like Divi are NOT the answer for non-coder graphic designers

Short on time?

Non-coder graphic designers who build websites are often lured into multi-purpose themes like Divi, Avada or X.

These themes certainly seem like attractive solutions for designers—at first. They promise visual drag-n-drop builders, full design control and ease of use.

But as most eventually discover, these themes are not the answer. They’re bloated, slow, hard to customise, and provide surprisingly little room for creativity or custom design—at least for my students anyway.

Read on to learn more… and discover a far superior alternative.

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Develop Websites FAST: How to Shave HOURS Off Each Project with the Starter Site Method

How to Shave HOURS Off Each Project with The Starter Site Method

The faster you can build websites, the more money you’ll make: fact.

What if you could shave hours (a full day, even?) off your development time?

What if for each new website project you started building in just a few minutes?

Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid the brain-sapping, time-consuming monotony of setting everything up first?

You can, and it’s easy. It’s called the Starter Site Method.

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