[PART 2 Elementor Landing Page] Enhance The Page With Cool Elementor Design Tricks

How to Create a High Converting Opt-In Landing Page with Elementor: Part 2

In Part 1 of ‘How to Create a High Converting Opt-In Landing Page with Elementor‘ I showed you how to build the basic opt-in page (catch up with that here). That super-conversion optimised page, as it stands, will likely attract a great many new leads.

But let’s take the opportunity here to give the design a more finished and polished look. In Part 2, I show you some cool, more advanced Elementor tricks you can use to elevate your landing pages to the next level.

Watch Part 2: Enhance the Design With Elementor

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How to use custom fonts in Elementor to more closely match your brand.
  • Basic HTML you can use to grab attention to important parts of your design.
  • How to use negative margins and spacing to add interest and uniqueness to any page.
  • How to use the Navigator to make dealing with complex nested designs a whole lot easier.

And I also give away 3 valuable bonuses, that’ll help you get better results faster.

Watch Part 2 in the series

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And if you missed Part 1—watch that first. 😉