Can Elementor Popups Replace Other Lead Capture & Popup Tools?

Can the new Elementor Popups Replace Other Lead Capture & Popup Tools?

Over the last couple of years, Elementor has introduced loads of amazing features for marketers, gradually replacing the need for all kinds of other separate tools or services.

We’re talking landing page builders, opt-in forms, evergreen timers, URL parameters for personalisation, and loads more.

So… can the new native popups feature in Elementor Pro also replace all the other lead capture and popup tools out there? Do you now even need any separate tools at all? Is it really the game-changer it might appear to be?

Well that’s what today’s video is all about.

Watch my in-depth review all the popup use cases, types, triggers, conditions, targeting rules and other features that other popup tools and services provide.

See if Elementor’s new popups feature can handle all those use cases and features.

Discover all the upsides and the downsides, to decide whether you can replace your external lead capture and popup tools with Elementor Popups just yet.

Watch the video:

Get My Elementor Popups Cheatsheet

Handy PDF reference to all the use cases, popup types, triggers, conditions and advanced targeting rules I cover in this video.

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27 thoughts on “Can Elementor Popups Replace Other Lead Capture & Popup Tools?”

  1. Great presentation as usual Dave.

    Earlier, I asked Elementor if they supported multi-step popups. They said “no”, but I think they might have meant multi-step forms. In any case, your demo provides the answer: Yes, it’s possible to create multi-step popups.

    For me the key missing feature is split-testing. That’s essential, so I may stick with Convert Pro until Elementor releases that feature.

    • Yeah you can definitely trigger multi step popups, but no multi-step forms. Built in split-testing for popups specifically would be really handy. I haven’t tried using a separate tool like Split Test for Elementor yet.

  2. Terrific article dave as usual, I’m absolutly agree with that.
    Very clear and easy to follow tutorial.
    Please could you tell me which plugin are you using to make related posts please?

  3. Hi Dave

    I have watched your video. Excellent as always 😉
    About the topic “multi step forms popups”;
    I think they are very doable but you need a combination of Elementor pro + 3rd party plugin like wpforms or Gravity Forms. Even Contact Form 7 can do it with the proper CF7 addon.
    Unfortunately, Elementor forms widget is not equipped for the job, but others can do it.

    I’m a WPForms user, so I already have advantage of this feature:

    So if anybody is looking for a multi step form inside a popup, the answer is: yes, it can be done with 3rd party form plugin.
    premium solutions: WPForms, Gravity Forms
    free solutions: Contact Form 7

  4. Hi, Dave,
    Very informative, thank you.
    I have a possibly unrelated Elementor question. Some of the Elementor elements, such as Call-to-Action and possibly also the popups element, have many many aspects to them. I have been very grateful for the innovations, such as navigator and right click, to make it easier to find one’s way around an Elementor editing page. However, for some of the more complicated Elements such as CtAs, I sometimes find it difficult to find a particular thing within them, such as background or border. These have several ways of being edited and it can be hard to find where I made the change in order to modify it. I often need to try a number of things, and then sometimes I can’t recall them from one time to the next. Is there any way to make it easier to find one’s way around in these complex elements? Thanks very much!

  5. Thanks a bunch for the tutorial, Dave! Great overview.

    I’ve been hoping that Elementor would release a built-in popup capability, and it sure looks solid.

    On a related note… I need to jump back into the NFF training course. Looking forward to seeing all the new stuff there too.

    Dave K.

  6. Hi Dave,
    I did try to learn Website building some time back but ran into trouble , I think it was website name extension problems.
    You were very generous and give me a full refund, I did suggest you keep 1/2 but you returned it all.
    I still would like to try again and the series you were running with website Local by Flywheel, have you continued with this course or another similar. I am of course willing to pay again as I love you teaching and even though I am old I learnt a great deal.
    Hoping you can help and let me know how much and how to pay you.
    I liked the idea of building a Website on my computer and learn that way.
    Hoping to hear from you Dave.
    Kind regards
    Neil Errey

  7. Heil Neil, thank you for your help. A non-profit that I help will start using Word Press with Elementor plugin. According to Google Analytics, 10% of the visitors for this non-profit site (people with certain age) uses Internet Explorer or Edge. What you suggest to do?

  8. Very informative Dave. Could you please suggest me the best cache plugin? I am confused if WP-Rocket outplays its free counterparts and if it’s really worth going for?

    • I’ve had the best performance from WP Rocket, definitely. And it improves all the time. However, plugins like Breeze and Swift Performance Lite worth using too.

  9. Hello Dave, Thanks a lot for such a wonderful tutorial. Superb explanation & it’s too clear to understand the concept. Can you please tell me if I use the free version is it enough or I have to use the paid version.

  10. Dave, I love your tutorials and I have a question about a feature I can not find. You have talked about inner sections but what about the Multiple Column option that is build into the Elementor Text Editor widget? I am able to create multiple columns and add text and images and when I go to Mobile view, the columns are still there, side by side. The only issue I have is figuring out why as I add content, the content auto moves from one column to the other. It’s like an auto balancing feature . Break Points seem to be hidden. I love this feature but wish I new more about the background. Maybe a tutorial? you can see what I have done at at the second from the bottom section. It’s the Tables 1,2,3, etc.

  11. Awesome video Dave. Not just the your content is A+ but the way you speak is so good to hear (I just viewed your video as well 😉 ). TBH we were going to buy an Exit intent popup like Sumo but pretty amazed with Elementor Pro. Thanks and keep posting/writing ^ ^


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