Elementor Theme Style: Avoid These Two Potential Pitfalls!

How To Use Elementor Theme Style The RIGHT Way

Part of my workflow for building any WordPress site with Elementor is to set all the site’s global brand styles right at the start of a project. Elementor’s Theme Style makes setting global brand styles easier than ever.

But – if you use a more fully-featured WordPress theme, like GeneratePress or Astra or The Page Builder Framework or Blocksy or loads of others – you CAN end up falling foul of two potential problems that you might not even realise, if you don’t account for it in your workflow. They’re easy to avoid, and in this video I’ll show you.

Watch the video:

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7 thoughts on “Elementor Theme Style: Avoid These Two Potential Pitfalls!”

  1. Hi Dave, thanks for your tutorials! Question on a gradient background… I don’t see a way to do this in Generate Press Premium but I can do it in Elementor Pro. So if I do the background in Elementor, but use GP for all the other styles, does it create a pitfall? I’m a newbie so excuse me if I missed something obvious. Thanks!

  2. Hey Dave! This is Dave Foy also! I am from Leicester, Massachusetts USA

    Stumbled upon your videos on YouTube searching for help with landing pages and WP.

    Would love to connect.

  3. Great stuff, Dave!

    Saved me a lot of time and probably headaches.

    I’m in the process of weaning myself off Divi and have just discovered the magical combo of Astra + Elementor. Amazing.

    Thanks again!


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