Help! I Can’t Access My Local WordPress Sites Anymore!

Help! I Can't Access My Local WordPress Sites Anymore!

If you develop your WordPress sites locally on your own computer, like I do, then you might recently have run into a big problem.

Suddenly, you’re no longer able to access your usual local website URLs! Instead, you get a privacy error page in your browser, saying that your connection isn’t secure.

But the odd thing is: the local site you’re trying to access wasn’t SSL anyway… and it seems like your browser is trying to force the local URL to be HTTPS….

Relax: there’s a good (if annoying) reason for it, and it’s pretty simple to fix.

So in the video below, I’ll quickly show you the problem and explain exactly why it’s happening.

And then I’ll tell you the easy fix.

I’ll also give you a couple of bonus pointers for how to develop WordPress sites locally—really easily—if you don’t already do it.

Watch the video:

Questions? Thoughts? Was this useful? Let me know in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “Help! I Can’t Access My Local WordPress Sites Anymore!

  1. Thanks great little video. Much appreciated. Is the ssl certificate you talk of in local a free ssl certificate and does it transfer over with the all in one migration plugin when you make the site live? Thanks 🙂

  2. As you know Dave I had encountered this problem with L-B-F when using .dev. Your advice in getting me out of the hole was to use .local or .test etc. So, for once in my life, I was ahead of the game. 🙂 But I wouldn’t have been without your guidance and expertise.

    It’s good to have you on hand to help. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Dave for your helpful video. Unfortunately it came to late for me. I was using Local by Flywheel on a windows computer but the programme started to ‘hang’ and I wasted several frustrating days trying to sort it and migrate files to a hosted sub domain. Luckily a kind gentleman came to my rescue by transferring files to his server and give me access to migrate to my own. The lesson I have learned is to backup all sites daily. As regards Local by Flywheel, I’m I won’t be using it again on my windows computer.

    • Yes it can be a frustrating experience on Windows, which is a real shame. I hope they sort it soon. Glad you a) got it sorted Des and b) learnt the backups lesson. That’s an important one!

  4. Hi Dave,

    Question for you about developing locally. Is there a way to develop locally from two different computers? For instance, if I’m at home developing on my desktop, then leave home for work or travel and need to continue developing from my laptop.

    • Hi Maria – the only way I know of to do this would be to export your site on your desktop, then import it on your laptop. I don’t know of a way to keep them synced up. One downside of developing locally!

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