How to Easily Create Opt-In Landing Pages in WordPress: No Developer or Paid Subscription Service

How to create opt-in landing pages in WordPress

Landing pages are uniquely designed pages with the sole purpose of converting visitors. They’re used for things like lead generation, event registrations, email sign-ups and sales funnels.

As a designer, you’re more than capable of designing pages like these yourself.

But to build them and make them live quickly…

That either takes a web developer or a paid monthly subscription service. Right?


YOU can build landing pages like these yourself in no time… and roll them out again and again, on multiple projects. Even as a non-coder designer.

No need for a developer. And no need to pay for a monthly subscription.

Check out the video below. I’ll walk you through it, step-by-step.

NOTE: I have a much more up-to-date 4 part series on how to build high-converting landing pages in Elementor here.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Sorry the freebies I mention in the video are no longer available.

Resources used:

The first 2 links are affiliate links. If you buy the paid version of either, I get a small commission. No extra cost to you. Regardless, I’d 100% recommended both as the only WP theme and page builder to use.

The landing pages I refer to in the video

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41 thoughts on “How to Easily Create Opt-In Landing Pages in WordPress: No Developer or Paid Subscription Service”

    • Hi Richard. Hmmm… it’s working for me here. 20 people so far have signed up from it too. Odd! Could you try refreshing the page?

      If no joy, I’ve just seen your email, I’ll send them direct. Sorry for the trouble!

    • Hmmm that’s odd Ashok. I’ve checked in your code and the Popup Maker plugin seems installed correctly. However, I notice also that there’s a javascript error too. Can you deactivate all your plugins (except Popup Maker), and test again? If it works, then activate each plugin again one by one till you find the one causing the problem. Then it will be a case of deciding if you need to use that plugin, or contacting the plugin developer for help. Hope you find the solution!

  1. Hi Dave
    I tried to disable all plugins but that didnt help

    I have written to the developers and it seems that there is some issue due to WP 4.5 version where the Jquerry version has been upgraded and is causing issues on various plugins

    Let us see what reply I get from the developer

    I have seen other plugins for creating pop ups.

    Have you tried any of them?

    What is your experience with them?


    • Oh that’s a shame! 🙁 Popup Maker is the only popup plugin I’ve found that does the job really. You mentioned WP 4.5 – we’re on WP 4.7 now. Have you upgrade to 4.7?

  2. I am running WP 4.7.3

    But it seems to have started created issues when 4.5 was introduced

    I dont know what the actual problem is but I feel that the pop up is not getting triggered – it works fine when I click on Open popup in top menu

    I also like the way it works but I cant get it to work

    I wonder if my Studiopress Genesis theme is causing the problem? Or maybe the way I have done the settings for popup maker

    I was also looking at Optinmaster which has over 300,000 installs . It is a paid plugin but seems to be awesome.

    Will wait for reply from the developers and then decide what to do

  3. Hello Dave, i am using elementor to create my landing page as testing with popup maker and optin form….it is not working please help me.

  4. Hi Dave, this was a master class, it was as eating a delicious food or a fine wine, you just don’t want to stop.
    Also I am upgrading to Elementor Pro it will simplify my life.
    My site is not finished I have to fix many bugs, I just mention that just in case you go there!
    Thank you so much.

  5. Hi Dave
    your videos are awesom!
    everything is working fine, but, how do i add contact form to the popup maker?
    didnt find tutorial in google or youtube..

    • The form doesn’t come with the free version of Elementor, no. But you can use a 3rd party form provider like Caldera easily enough. You’d have to then follow the form provider’s instructions for connecting to MailChimp.

  6. Hello Dave, I’m using Elementor Pro (love it) with Generator Press. Very new to this. Your first video above was very helpful, thank you for sharing your knowledge.


  7. Hey Dave,
    Great videos. I’ve learned a lot about using Elementor from watching many your videos. Right now, I’m building a new home page for my site and I want a popup to come up from clicking on an image instead of a button. I’ve watched the videos it seems like 20x yet I’m still confused about a couple of things.
    1- The image I have is for a free giveaway (a book bundle) with a button as part of the image. I want them to click on the image and up comes the popup where they sign up to my list at aweber which then forwards them to a page to download the book bundle.
    2- I’ve made the template section in Elementor Pro but I get lost as to the settings I’m supposed to put in.
    3- I’ve already filled in the form fields settings, the submit button settings, the action after submit but there is still an email and additional options field. What goes in there?
    4- Finally, where do I put my aweber info so they actually sign up to my list? Does it go in the popup maker plugin?

    Thanks for your help in advance,

  8. I love the work that you have put together, it’s really helpful for people like me.
    I have a question here, can we make a landing page without touching the header and footer section and keep them as theme’s default?

    • Thanks Joy. Yes, you don’t have to lose the theme’s header. Just don’t use the Elementor canvas when building the landing page, leave the page at the Default Template instead.

  9. Hi Dave,

    This is exactly what I was looking to do and it all works well in my Local dev environment.

    However, when I push the site to Flyhweel, Elementor won’t load the editor page on any pages unless I disable the Popup Maker plugin. Latest version (non beta) of Elementor, Pro and other plugins disabled.

    Any ideas?

  10. Hi, WOW!
    This is so refreshing to watch, I couldn’t keep my eyes off this video LOL
    Everything works fine for me as I followed all your steps, so thanks for being so clear.
    Was wondering though, since most users now use popup blockers, how will this affect our popup forms? Will they still display?

    Also, I’m not sure what information is correct to put on the mailto:, mail from, etc on the form as I used my personal email to test but form is not being sent, I get an error saying “something went wrong with the form” so I know is that section of the mail sending information. What information does exactly go there?

    Oh, and yes I do have an autoresponder and will be implementing it, however, I have the wp autoresponder plugin which I love, will this AR plugin work with the popup form? If so, where can I get instructions on how to connect it to the form?

    Thanks,… you just earned a subscriber 😉

    • Hi Barbie – really glad you enjoyed it! Popup blockers won’t affect these popups. It’s when websites try to open brand new windows that popup blockers are designed to stop.

      In the ’email from’, I use a fake email address that doesn’t actually exist but that is still on my domain (email at designbuildweb dot co). That seems to work fine for me. Mail to I just put my own email address. If something went wrong with the form, might be best contacting Elementor support for help.

      It might be an idea to install and set up this plugin: WP’s built-in email sending system is pretty bad. If I run into email sending problems I always install and set up this plugin, works great.

      I’m not familiar with that plugin I’m sorry. The only way I know to connect Elementor forms to services not included in the list (MailChimp, etc) is to use Zapier (the link I mention in the video).

      Good luck!

  11. Hi Dave
    Thanks for the templates they are smart mate, im trying to make a FREE software download capture page, and ive had a shocker trying to use your template for it,
    its all over the place hahaha
    Any help would be very much appreciated and a look at my page too :)))
    many thanks

  12. Nice tip!!

    This is awesome for all kind of levels and is great because you don’t need to depend from a landing page builder to create your funnels in a easy and low cost way looking like an EXPERT!

    Greeting from Panama!

  13. Thanks Dave! Shown and spoken at an easy to follow pace. Found it very helpful and will definitely be using this method. Will also be checking out your other tutorial videos.

  14. HiI have mainly two menu icons on my website. One is for blog posts and second is for product landing pages that I will be creating. I created a landing page and for some reason this landing page is not showing if i click on the Menu. I want this landing page to show under my top Navigation menu like other product landing pages i will be creating. PS: I am creating this page using Elementor. Let me know as i new to this world, thanks a ton.


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