The Questions People Ask Me ALL The Time About WordPress And Elementor

The three hurdles holding you back from building WordPress and Elementor sites with confidence

“What do I do in Elementor?”

“What do I use my theme for?”

“And what job does WordPress do?”

“Wait… do I even need a theme? And does it matter which one?”

These are the questions I’m asked by new Elementor users all the time.

If you’re new to Elementor… or even if you’ve used it for a while… there’s a good chance you’re mulling these same questions over as well.

Especially because you can see the possibilities.

And you know that once you have the basics down, you’ll be able to build websites faster than ever before with Elementor.

But right now, you need ANSWERS.

Clear answers.

Not the fragmented half-answers that you get from watching two-and-a-half-year-old YouTube videos out of sheer desperation at 00.35am while simultaneously chasing a deadline.

The good news?

I lay out the answers to these questions in my brand new PDF guide, detailing the essential setup steps and optimal workflow for building websites with Elementor.

Click here to access it now.

Already an established WordPress and Elementor user?

I’m confident there’s at least one golden nugget waiting here for you, too!

Oh! And when you download the PDF, you’ll also get the option to watch a very special video masterclass that I’ve prepared, to walk you through each step and go more in-depth than I ever could in a PDF guide.

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